I Walk In The Spot 30 On Me And Some Chops Lyrics

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“I Walk In The Spot 30 On Me And Some Chops Lyrics”

Grrt, pow-pow-pow-pow
Yeah, y’all know the vibes
It’s that six times ten shit
Niggas don’t need no favors, them ends don’t need no friends (CP did it baby)
Get me? Look
Hm, huh, look

I walk in the spot, thirty on me and some chops
All my niggas really rock, roll, control
Shout my ‘Layos, you know how my niggas move
But I ain’t movin’, I’m rollin’ and I’m shootin’
I said, “Baby, it’s crazy,” hahahahaha
I be really with them killin’ niggas and them drillin’ niggas and we back
In the Floss, get you offed
I don’t do this too much, I just talk that talk
Gimme talk back too, what’s the word? What y’all wanna do?
Empty out the clip, I’m with the Crips, neighborhood shit
All of my niggas, they on shit, I ain’t gotta be on, bitch
Hol’ on, I be so gone
Call up that boy YJ grippin’ on the tool
He gon’ break the rules, boy, you a fool, you a fool
I said, “Mad Max, he a demon, he let llamas fly”
Soso, onе call, that boy built for homicide
I am war ready, stay steady, don’t gotta say too much
I was in thе pen’ wit’ a couple killer niggas and I stay tooled up
I could get you shot, get you packed up, huh, that’s on the sеt
I ain’t gotta say too much, and I just let that bitch, let that bitch off
Stupid nigga, what you talking for?
I am really in these streets, and I won’t say no more
Hol’ on, shake it, huh, just, I said just shake it
All this money that I’m makin’, bad bitches and they cakin’
Ass fat, huh, heard that bad bitch was Jamaican
Put her in her place, put it in her face, hol’ on
She was so wet, haha, grabbed on the TEC
Now I gotta lift a nigga up, leave his brother upset
Heard that lil’ nigga tellin’, huh, I’m a felon
But I ain’t even gonna act like I’m playin’ wit’ a nigga, I’ma get ’em
Grr, I’m nasty, bad bitches and they classy, they ain’t trashy
Ask me anything you really want
I’ma let em up, I’ma go dumb, huh
I do this shit for fun
Tell them niggas check in with me ’cause I keep a gun
Huh? You can not play, .38, let it spray
That nine milli’, thirty clip, let ’em
This is all I gotta say, I do it all for the gang
Me and you is not the same, stay in your place
Boy, you a lame, I’ll carry the tool
And I’m still on the Fifth wit’ an eighth

Woo, woo, woo
Grrt, pow-pow-pow-pow

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