DigDat Daily Duppy Lyrics [Original]

digdat daily duppy lyrics

This song is a very famous song by DigDat. His birth name is Darren Diggleson and better known as DigDat. If you want DigDat Daily Duppy Lyrics, then you have come to the right place, here we are providing you the  British rapper and songwriter DigDat Daily Duppy Lyrics.

DigDat Daily Duppy Lyrics

Part 1

Ayy, ayy
(Free Clips)
Ayy, ayy
(Free S)
Ayy, ayy
(Free Scars)

My buj runs black like Chyna (Black)
And I got the light like Tyga (Peng)
Whip that, use no bicarb (Nah)
I’ll make my man swim, no lifeguard
I was so low, tryna stain me a nine bar (Just stain that)
Now I’ve got more green than Hyde Park (Loads)
They hate on DigDat
First time I gripped that I was eleven (Boy)
DSQ for my denim
Shank on my waist, won’t bend like Beckham (Ching)
I wanna do his and hers (Like)
But I can’t find me a bae (Nah)
I’m flying away
Like Trap, got paper plans
Fuck them bitches, I gotta get gwop first
TSG tryna put us in vans
If I get nicked, won’t converse
Don’t say it’s here where you got served
Feds might stomp the yard
And if I get nicked, won’t snitch
So I doubt they’ll drop that charge
Monday, my ting from Dubai
And I got one in South, she’s brown (Hmm, peng)
I’m out in the town
My young boy fly it, he’s flying back ’round (Ay, come here)
And Shankz got best of both
On the M way, let him get shit sold
He’s tryna make ‘caine turn rock
So he might not roll if I get a big show
But broski went O too, put on his sim, made like three (Ayy, ayy)
I got my ex so I’m vex all the time
I don’t ring back when she’s tex’ing my line
Caught a Section 18 with a fifteen inch
Left that road lock arff
Bro had it out but the ting did jam
Lucky that corn didn’t pop off
Feds at my yard in boots
‘Cause I had super drugs (Drugs)
Now I need some links
I’m not sure, who’s got grub? (Got that)
And I got a Rolex like Wiley (Buss down)
When the cats bell fast, I’m doublin’ (Brr)
Bro, these teeth ain’t tiny
If we slap one, it’s disturbing London (Bwoy)
And she’s still out with her ex
But when we sex, she says she’s mine (Liar)
Two watches, I don’t know which one tells that time (Hmm)
Remember outside, I was rolling with stones
Tryna beat all this rock (Tryna beat that)
Answer my phone like, “wagwan miss?” (Wagwan miss?)
I really wanna beat this thot (Mmm)
When I walk past, they flick their weave
Man do jobs like Steve (Do it)
Deliver O’s, break that prof’, we just eat (Get Back Gang)
Got soft in the pot, just boil it (Boil it)
Grease that dots and oil it (Oil that up)
I got slapped with thirteen years
I was thirteen, read that on my toilet
I don’t rate them olders
Hate on me ’cause I’m young and I get it (They’re haters)
Mad how I dicked her down
Then I gave her back to her man like, “tek it” (Tek her)
Got hoes tellin’ hoes they’re mine
Then someone’s lying, it can’t be true (She’s lying)

Part 2

Out late with men in black
Made us wanna be bad boys too (Bad boys)
Sent her shop for a rizla
Make sure you get two packs and juice (Did you get it? Got it)
Just got a location, bro I can’t wait ’til I find this yute
Long stick in the whip like Django
Now I’m on the sat nav finding routes
Shankz got rock, he don’t sell herbo (Nah)
Seven G’s, he’ll do three hundred
I was in OT, never done F (Nah)
But I still had to work these numbers (Work, work)
And my next door was a Kit-Kat
Telling me I’m too loud like carni (Shh)
He said, just whisper
Cah you might get caught with the smarties
I ain’t got a wifey, she just bops (Yuck, yuck)
Comes ’round and teeths this lingo (Err)
Do it up in a microwave, soft
And make sure you open the windows
That man looked like a fed
And I served him, ’til this day, I wonder (How?)
Now I’m givin’ them busy signal
If I get shots on unknown number
Cats on my line get cold feet
So my young boy got shots in his sock (Got it)
Bro got it in a pot, watch it sizzla
He’s tryna get this pack solid as a rock (Crack)
Get a invitation (Get that job)
No exaggeration, can’t be stopped (It’s on)
Bro just wanna pop corn, told them, don’t get your party shot (Don’t do it)
My man ain’t on nuttin’
And he’s been like that from a youngen


Written ByDigDat
Produced ByMadara Beatz, CZR Beats & M1OnTheBeat
Mixing EngineerSean D
Mastering EngineerSean D

Released On Dec 15, 2019

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What is Digdats real name?

Digdats real name is Darren Diggleson.

How old is DigDat?

Digdat was Born on 10 November 1999 and is now in 2021, his age is 21 years old.

What nationality is DigDat?

Digdat has British nationality.

Where in London is DigDat from?

DigDat lives in South London in London.